Onward & Forward

Our ever transforming business
landscape is bringing about
endless seeds of possibility.

Shifting towards a bright, all-inclusive future for our country’s business women.

We are deeply thankful for all those trailblazers who have gone before us, but we are also mindful of the importance of shifting our focus to the future. Central to this, is a strong and dynamic  business network for women, which creates a collaborative framework, for the benefit of all business women.

Our Vision

​To be a trusted conduit to all South African businesswomen who are determined to leverage their individual and collective power to rise to their full potential, whilst uplifting others at the same time.


Be part of the change.

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Mission statement

To embrace our unique qualities as women and uplift other women in the community.

To equip women to rise to their full potential in the business arena.

To empower women with skills and knowledge so they can influence business.

To unite women to use the impact of their collective power.

To provide a Sisterhood, a safe space, where every woman can develop and grow.

Our Values


Women have a deep understanding of each other’s unique challenges. We are mindful of our ability to support one another . We purposefully create a safe, non-judgemental space to offer one another personal and professional guidance and mentorship.


Women have the responsibility to initiate and lead the change that is required to revolutionise the business space. We are committed to make positive contributions that will not only advance our own businesses, but that will also serve all our best interest.


We embrace our feminine power and leverage this optimally in business. We celebrate each other’s successes and we unite our collective strengths to become an unstoppable force that is able to transform the business landscape irrevocably.


We add value to our stakeholders as we are in pursuit of business excellence. We take care to ensure that all our touchpoints are positive, use every opportunity to expand our knowledge, gain new skills and obtain new tools for improvement.


At the very essence of the SACBW is a realisation of the need to change, and to keep on changing, to guide and lead the women in business through the challenges of today. We embrace the latest developments in the political, environmental, social and technological arenas, that could impact our businesses, so that our future growth can start today.