Our Why

To Remain Relevant In
Business, We Have To
Be… Evolutionary.
The empowerment of women in our business landscape is constantly evolving. Today, we find ourselves in the first stages of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an era in which new technologies that affect our daily lives and the way we do business are constantly emerging.

In addition, the continuity of our businesses are dependent on millennials, the first generation who know no adult life without the internet and digital devices and for whom traditional ways have little or no value.

Whilst these are burning issues for female entrepreneurs right now, in the future, the type of challenges we have to face will most likely be entirely different.

Forming a lighthouse for one another, in times of uncertainty.

Bottom line is, it is no simple feat to navigate through the business ebbs and tides and to ensure that we continue to ride the waves of success while our commercial landscape is ever transforming. Even more so, when you attempt to do so on your own. However, every new era presents a seed of possibility. The possibility for us to convert potential issues into limitless business opportunities. Which speaks right to the heart of SACBW’s existence.

Embracing our feminine power and responsibility, to create the change we want.

We believe what can most likely best be captured in the eternal words of W.E.B Dubois: ‘There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.‘ Now imagine what could become possible if powerful women across our country joined hands to rise? The SACBW aims to facilitate exactly that. To encourage the mothers of our nation to take responsibility and own their feminine power… To unite their collective strengths to lead the change that needs to occur in the business arena…

Empowering each other, to take our rightful place on the business stage.

The SACBW serves as a conduit to enable women entrepreneurs to take their rightful place on the business stage, through a repertoire of essential and practical business tools and knowledge, as well as expanded exposure to opportunities for growth.


Be part of the change.

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A safety net, your sisterhood, your soft place to fall.

Created by women, for the empowerment of women, the SACBW has a first-hand understanding of the particular challenges that women in business are faced with. As such, the council also forms a caring safety net, that also provides the personal and professional guidance, support and mentorship you need to succeed.

We are inspired by the opportunity to be your ear that listens, your shoulder to cry on and that helping hand that will gently dust you off and pick you up again, while always maintaining your dignity.

Our collective potential? Unimaginable…

Ultimately, the SACBW empowers women to own their unique power and unite their collective strengths to revolutionise the business landscape and rise into unimaginable potential, whilst empowering others.