Hanlie Delport, event planner and journalist from Pretoria, was elected as President in 2022 and her focus during the first year was to look after the emotional wellness of women in business after the pandemic.

“I believe that you need to work on the six inches between your ears first.  Maintaining good mental wellness can help you overcome any challenges that may come your way,” says Hanlie.  She also asked Judy Klipin, a life, and wellness coach to be Patron of the SA Council for Business Women in 2022.  Judy shared insights with women on how to cope with the post-pandemic stress and rebuilding.

A hybrid event was hosted in 2022 on “Getting your magic” back.  Due to some restrictions, limited seats were available in the room but the presentations of Anja van Beek, Judy Klipin, Leilah Essop, and Cerita Nagy were streamed on Facebook Live.  The ladies all enjoyed the inspirational morning!

Hanlie further set out to stabilize the Council after we were also hit hard by the pandemic and membership dropped to an all-time low.  Rebuilding the Council and the brand was a tough job as many business women had started to lose hope – but we managed to gain some growth, setting the path for 2023.

In 2023 the focus was growth  – and this was achieved with four new branches founded, another five close to founding, and collaboration discussions with the Women in Tourism initiative, the University of Mpumalanga, the International Professional Image Association, and the Black Ladies Organisation.  It is clear that we all want the same thing: for women to succeed in business!  The collaboration agreements will be formalized with action plans going into 2024.

Hanlie’s legacy will be the drive for transformation, the push to ensure that the Council is an inclusive organization and business home for all women in business, and also for the diaries for 2022, 2023, and 2024 she put together.

With Elizette Schoeman, Treasurer, they formed a mean team and hosted two successful golf days to help with the costs for the gala – and they organised the 35th gala in Pretoria.

Each President has her own style of building the brand and Hanlie is definitely one of the women who does not like the spotlight on her when she can rather have the light shine on someone else!  She has been re-elected for another term and will take the Council into the next era.


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