“I am so glad that I joined the SACBW.  The organization has changed my life by introducing me to someone who had the perfect business opportunity for me.  This has changed my life completely and I will forever be grateful”.

With this message, a member described the impact that the Council has had on her life.  She is one of many – some had small breakthroughs in business, others found new opportunities, and some found a mentor but in one way or another, the SACBW has made an impact on the lives of business women.

Over three and a half decades, many women have benefitted from a network for women only – where the unique challenges women face are addressed.  At the monthly networking events, the women connect, check in with each other, and follow up on conversations to keep each other accountable. Through speaking opportunities at networking events the women also gain confidence to present themselves and their businesses.

We have a holistic approach – we believe that to be able to perform at your peak, you need to be in balance.  Your personal health and wellness are as important as your business health and wellness.  We believe that both pillars need equal attention and that survival in business is not always dependent on making the next hard sell but also on connecting with other, like-minded women on an emotional and spiritual level.

Our impact is also measured by the many successful community projects that are supported across South Africa every year.  From environmental issues to emotional support, from clean-ups to youth events…we believe that building up the community is building up the country!

When you hear the gratitude from women who were blessed with handbags filled with personal hygiene items and a letter of motivation, you cannot help but want to do more.  When you speak to young women, who were inspired at a youth day event, you regain confidence in the future.  And in supporting this, we also give a little bit of ourselves.

The theme word World Prayer Day in 2024 is based on Ephesians 4:1-7: “I Beg You… Bear With One Another in Love”.  This is the way of the SACBW – we see people before we see opportunities.  We see people before we see profit.  And that is the impact we have in the business space.

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