Investment in the Leadership Development of women, emerging entrepreneurs and existing female leaders have never been more critical in our country. The Leadership Summit of 2021 spoke of the Council’s commitment to developing Female Business Leaders who will mentor the younger generation to inspire them to see themselves for who they truly are and can be: worthy, limitless, fearless, possessing an innate ability to maximize their human potential and change the “how we do business” narrative in our country.

Female Leadership Development is also a crucial aspect of the sustainable solution to Gender Based Violence (GBV). Developing a force of Warrior Women who will become role models, mentors, inspirers and ultimate Influencers will also be developing a force of women who will adopt a different social script and influence and inspire accordingly.

It is through the conscious leadership development of Conscious Leaders within and outside of the Council that 35 years of the Council’s Legacy will take on a different life-giving force. The SACBW’s vision going forward is to be able to impact and empower its members and communities in a greater, more measurable way. We want to transform effectiveness into greatness and Leadership into Legacy!

As part of the Leadership Development plan of the SACBW, we have continued on a leadership skills development programme for the branch leaders in 2023.  This was presented by Elmarie Pretorius of The MindSpa Institute, a soft skills training company and member of the SACBW.

The Council wanted to reward the leaders for their time and commitment to the Council but also wanted to upskill the future leaders of the Organisation.  By developing some soft skills in a relaxed atmosphere, we helped the leaders discover something about each other and also helped them to find their space in our team.

The programme was called Building Blocks Masterclass Sessions and was presented in Elmarie’s unique interactive manner.  It allowed the team to really get a deep understanding of the skills.  The topics covered included leadership and team management, business strategy and goal setting,  why EQ and effective communication are important for leaders, and negotiating skills.

The feedback from leaders was positive and they have learned a lot.  Another positive aspect of the programme was that the group got to know each other – although it took place online, the open and easy conversation facilitated cohesion in the group.

The SACBW believes in the personal growth and development of all our members, including the leaders, and will continue to find courses that will benefit all. Building strong leaders will cement the future of the organization and will take it into the next era.

Part of the legacy of the SACBW is the leadership skills the branch leaders acquire during their terms – something they take forward as part of their business and professional journey.

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