Albert Einstein said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.

The above and the 4th Industrial Revolution led the way for the SACBW to re-think the why, how, and what they were/were not doing. We believed that the SACBW was uniquely positioned to bring unprecedented change not only to the lives of business women but the impact that business women will have in the future of our country.

We found ourselves in a rapidly evolving business landscape empowered by technology and driven by a young socially conscious generation, bringing about drastic changes in the role business women will play in a new way of doing business.

To facilitate and encourage this drastic change yet organic process, fundamental changes had to be made in the way we looked at the organisation was required. The growth of the organisation should not be measured in the size of its structure or financial stability, but rather in the impact and intent of its network. Recognition of contribution will become more important than celebrating achievements. Collaboration between women in business, is more important than competition. Transparency of the organisation more important than establishing trust and the number of women we empower more important than the size of our membership.

The ”Why” of the SACBW was born: “To unite women to lead the business evolution .. evolutionarily!” The vision was clear: “To be a trusted conduit to all South African business women who are determined to leverage their individual and collective power to rise into full potential whilst lifting others – today and in the future.

A new logo was launched in the re-engineering process

Our mission is based on 5 pillars:

  • To EMBRACE our unique qualities as women and uplift other women in the community.
  • To EQUIP women to rise to their full potential in the business arena.
  • To EMPOWER women with skills and knowledge so they can influence business.
  • To UNITE women to use their collective power.
  • To provide SISTERHOOD, a safe space, where each woman can develop and grow.

30th Anniversary 2018

The future roadmap of the SACBW was introduced at the 30th anniversary of the SACBW where the founder, the late Mrs Rika Venter, welcomed all present. The organisation is proud of its rich history of unlocking the potential of business women all around South Africa and was excited to share their Pearls of Wisdom from the past 30 years. All previous winners and finalists of the SACBW Business Woman of the Year competition were invited to participate in this prestigious event and that gave them an opportunity to celebrate their successes in their businesses and their careers.  

The winners for 2018 was: Lorette Grobbelaar from Oliver Treads, Mosselbay; Samantha Dunbar from Samantha Dunbar Inc.; Bertha van der Spuy-Lombaard from ClinicPlus (Pty) Ltd.; Marisa van der Merwe from MiniChess; Hlengiwe Dludlu from HDC Training & Consulting was the people’s choice.

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