The theme of the 2003 Annual Congress, held at the Grand West Casino in Cape Town on 24 October, was “Survival in the Business Jungle”: TARZAN vs JANE … Does Jane stand a chance? 

On behalf of, and in honor of,  the SA Council for Businesswomen, I am proud to shout it out loud:

“YES, Jane made it!”

With this short note, I would like to celebrate the 35 years of existence of the SACBW; and

  • say thank you for the opportunities I’ve had through my involvement and connection with this organization!
  • pay tribute to all women in business!

Congratulations to the Presidents, management teams, and members of the SACBW, who not only kept this organisation going but growing, through challenging economic times. Your passion, sentiment, and loyalty toward the organisation are commendable and I am still proud to be associated with women of your caliber!

The SACBW offers many opportunities …these include:

  • allows you to grow and learn.
  • helps you to achieve your goals faster.
  • allows you to explore your options in life.
  • helps you to meet people.
  • allows you to achieve your dreams.
  • allows you to be a leader.
  • allows you to be a risk-taker.
  • allows you to move forward in life.
  • allows you to discover your passion.
  • allows you to be a better version of yourself.
  • allows us to create success stories.

The SACBW has done all of this for me, and I’ll be grateful forever! I would like to highlight some of the wonderful opportunities I have had:

-I’ve met phenomenal people: the highlight of course, being able to have dinner with the late President Nelson Mandela and Mr. Thabo Mbeki.

-I’ve traveled throughout our beautiful country, judging the businesswomen of the year competition regional entries and finals, meeting more inspirational women, who really made things happen in business.

-I had the opportunity to engage with the best mentors in business, chairing and sharing the floor at national seminars of the Institute of International Research, now KNect365.

-I’ve learned that networking is all about connecting and sharing, not protecting your small “light bulb moments”!

My message to all the amazing and successful businesswomen out there:

Be passionate and love what you do, work hard (opportunities are usually disguised as hard work), keep your focus, persist in failure, criticism, rejection, and pressure, share ideas via networking, push through shyness and self-doubt, and serve… it is a privilege to serve others.

I wish you all the success that you all deserve …success is a continuous journey!

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