The South African Council for Business Women (SACBW) believes that every women has the ability to be successful.  Although not all of us see ourselves as entrepreneurs, many women have been forced to start their own business to supplement their income or to make ends meet after the devastation of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

For others, being an entrepreneur is the life they know and love because it offers them freedom to travel, be a part of their children’s lives and be financially free.   However, both these situations have opportunities and challenges that women need to address and cope with.

At the SACBW we understand that.  We know that it can be a lonely journey to success if you are a business owner.  We are aware of the long hours and stressful days when starting out in business or when you need to expand your business.  As an organisation we want to be there to support you on the way to success or to be the hand that helps you back up when you fall.

Founded in 1988, by the late Mrs. Rika Venter, the vision was cemented to ensure that every woman will be assisted to know and develop her own potential so that she can rise above the challenges women still face in the world today.  After 35 years, we can confirm that we have given many women an opportunity to discover their place in the market and we have helped them grow into confident, successful business women. 

At our events there are no judgement and you are encouraged to be brutally honest about where you are with your business. By sharing your story, you may be encouraging someone or may find someone that can mentor you to overcome the gaps between good and great!

Why don’t you join a networking event near you and find out how you can become part of the tribe? We have monthly networking events with excellent speakers that will inspire, motivate and educate you – with ample opportunity to build relationships with other women in business.  Meet people from your industry and learn from each other!

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