Leader Profile Ziva Spangenberg

Inspire and empower – Dr Ziva takes the lead!

There is a joke doing the rounds that to get something done, just give it to the busiest person in the room!  This is definitely true of Dr Ziva Spangenberg. Local Business Leader in Mossel Bay.  Apart from running one of our biggest and busiest branches, Ziva is also a publisher and author, radio presenter, entrepreneur at Arukah Vida and founder principal of Vision2Victory College.

She spent 30 years of her life in the corporate space where she was working in banking, real estate, hospitality and tourism, the media marketing and advertising but she was only an employee for six years – the other 24 years she was running her own businesses, being the employer.

The past twelve years she engages in her own women’s ministry, serving the calling of the Lord. “My passion is to inspire and empower all women to reach their full potential in soul, body and spirit” says Ziva.

A friendly woman, with a kind heart and soft-spoken nature, who has managed to find a balance between work and life.  Ziva with her team is the heart of the Mossel Bay branch and we hope this heartbeat will stay strong for many years to come!


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