Cyber Security Article

Are you Protected?

Any business with an online presence is exposed to cybercrime – and that means that all of us have to take note of what is happening in cyberspace at the moment.  If one day, two articles are released with information about the latest tactics used the entrepreneur should take note and act!

Where your business previously had the protection of the walls, we are now all reliant on the internet as some staff are still working remotely, the software is cloud-based and there are many devices out there trying to access your network.  Systems are also integrating between suppliers, which opens up new avenues for hackers to access your system.

The South African small business is extremely vulnerable, according to Steve Flynn.  In an article published in My Broadband today, he says it is because the small businesses are not taking enough precautions.  According to the article password attacks increased by 104%, which equals 55 billion new attacks in 6 months.

Taariq Gafoor, also in My Broadband, says the best way to protect yourself is to be your own enemy. Get a testing partner to test your defences and see how big the impact of such an attack will be.  It is important to act now as many businesses that have been attacked unfortunately did not survive the attack.

Cyber security tips for entrepreneurs, as supplied by More than Digital may be helpful.

  1. Advancing digitalization also ensures more and more professional cyber attacks.
  2. Successful cyber security requires a holistic approach from concept to implementation.
  3. Successful cyber security costs time, and money and is not a one-time investment.
  4. Employee training and awareness and organizational security measures are just as important as technical measures.
  5. Cyber security is a matter for the boss and must be addressed and implemented at every level.


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