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We had above-average results and I am really happy with the feedback we got on the recent national survey.  The responses received indicated an overall confidence level of 90% in the SACBW as an organisation for businesswomen.


The members of the Council listed networking with like-minded women as the main reason they joined (87%), with business referrals from the network as a second reason or expectation (60%).  Most attended events and noted that they feel special, events are well-organised, and they see the events as a place where they can connect and grow.  They also found the topics mostly relevant, the atmosphere positive and experienced a team spirit at the event.

Although we met the expectations of most members, there was a feeling that the corporate woman in business is neglected and that our focus should be more business orientated.  It was clear that our members hold the leadership accountable – if we promise, we must deliver!  This refers to sharing of slides, connecting with specific people and more.

Some of the brand-new members said that they have not attended functions because they don’t know anyone, and we need to focus on how to actively bring them into a branch.  Some also feel they only hear from us when there is an event coming up, but there are no other contact with the branch leadership.

Lots of themes for articles, webinars and workshops have been listed and these will be addressed with urgency.  Sadly, most members said that they do not often read the articles posted by the SACBW, but when they do, they find these practical, motivational and informative.

By far the majority of our members have said that they can only attend a networking event or an online seminar, but there is a considerable number of members who indicated that they are keen to serve on a committee, present workshops or be a mentor for someone.  We will reach out to the members who shared their details with us in the survey.


A small group of non-members completed the survey but all of them want to become members.  So we will be following up with them in the days to come.  Interesting feedback was also received from this group.

Networking at events was the main draw card for them to be involved. There is also an overall satisfaction with the events and how SACBW goes about our business.  However, this group also mentioned that promises of sharing slides and other information were never followed up.   Our delivery on commitments to members and non-members must improve!

Our non-members are more active on our website, but both groups at least gave valuable feedback about the website.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey.  We have noted all the compliments and words of encouragement but also assure you that you have been heard!  We understand your needs better and will address this going forward.

Hanlie Delport – SACBW President 

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