The SACBW is proud to announce Stegmanns Incorporated as our third sponsor for our Business Woman of the Year Competition 2022. Stegmann’s is sponsoring an unbelievable prize to the value of more than R12000! This prize gives you peace of mind that you are, from a legal standpoint, on the right track for your business.

  1. A PAIA Manual :

The Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) requires all public and private bodies in South Africa to have a manual. Essentially, the manual explains to people how they can get access to the records held by the body.

     2.  Terms and Conditions for their Website:

The enactment of a number of new national statutes adopted in the last few years, such as the Electronic Communications Act, the Consumers Act, Data Privacy Act and other information laws, provides inter alia for measures limiting the rights of vendors and protecting the rights of consumers (ie internet users).  We strongly advise that you consider instructing us to prepare an appropriate Terms & Conditions for your website, based on the functionality of the website, and your exposure to legal and technical risks.

It is particularly important to add Terms & Conditions when your website reflects copyright matter, trademarks, facilities to buy or sell goods and services online, facilities to allow users to blog or add content to the website. if your website contains links to third-party websites (eg Facebook) and advertising space for third-party products.

      3. Consultation

1-hour consultation to discuss any business-related matter that they require legal assistance with.

To find out more about Stegmanns Incorporated – visit this link

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