Article about the divine feminine


The Divine Feminine by Dr Kirasha Allopi

The Divine Feminine in her pure consciousness, radiates a beam of magical light,

Her light has the power to transmute the negativity and the darkness,

She has chosen to step into her power with grace and love, to be divinity in all forms.

She is the warrior, the empress, the queen, the priestess, the nurturer, the mother, the sacred, She is the Divine Feminine.

The Divine feminine essence ….It all starts with you, with self-care by treating ourselves like the Goddess we need to be.  Nurture yourself with all that you love to do! It could be an energising bath with candles or a special creative hobby.

Nature is powerful – Stand with your bare feet on the ground. Smell the flowers. Just connect with this force of nature.

Celebrate life’s beautiful moments. There is beauty all around us, take time to smell the roses and appreciate life as a sacred gift. Be grateful for the moments we share with those that uplift our spirit.

Enhance your space with beauty and colour. Essential oils like rose oil for heart health, lavender for relaxation and lemongrass for energizing, beautiful crystals and special flowers also uplift your senses.

Heal your body- healing begins with you. Release negative emotions that no longer serve your highest good and replace them with positive, uplifting ones, you deserve to feel the best you!

Follow your intuition – Listen to the intuitive force within you. That is Divine feminine guiding you, take the time to listen to her wisdom.

The Divine feminine is a sacred aspect of ourselves, nurture it, embrace it. May we always live in love and divinity and celebrate the beauty of life & the beauty within ourselves! Love & Grace – Dr Kirasha Allopi

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