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Getting to know our Community Warrior Woman 2021/2022 Laurie Edwall

Laurie Edwall grew up in Minnesota in the USA.  She has lived in South Africa since her early 20s and currently finds herself in George in the Western Cape. On asking her what she always wanted to be Laurie responded, “I never had a very clear answer for me, but I always wanted to be a mom and I always wanted to have a job/career that I’m passionate about. ”

What do you love about your business?

“My business is Options Care Centre, a project of Youth for Christ, which is all about impacting and developing people who are facing a pregnancy or an HIV crisis.  I love it because it’s all about helping people.  I also love what I do because we’ve been able to experience change and innovation while keeping our core vision.  I have a great team of staff and volunteers and together we get to make a difference in people’s lives.  Every day we see hope rise!

What does family life look like?

Laurie is married to Dean, who also happens to be her YFC “boss.”  She says they are privileged to get to work together even in their different roles and responsibilities.  Laurie is also the mother of three adult children, Christy who lives in the UK, Jason who lives in George, and Joel and his family who live in the USA.

How do you fill your cup?

“ I love to read; I find it very relaxing.  I used to do a variety of craft-based things, but with my role as Director of Options, I don’t have a huge amount of spare time.  But I am planning for hobbies I’d like to try one day!”

What are you proud of?

I am proud of my team of 12 staff and about 30 volunteers.  We are a diverse group of people and everyone is passionate about what we do.  Together we are also proud that we own our office and that we’ve been able to create a lovely environment to welcome our clients.

Laurie’s Favourite Quote

My favourite quote is from Dr Seuss

“Today you are YOU,  that is truer than true.  There is no one alive that is YOUER than YOU!”

My very first client gave me a copy of this quote and I keep it in my office to remind me.  This links with one of my favourite verses in Psalm 139:14  “ we are all fearfully and wonderfully made!”

If you could change anything it would be?

I would make it possible for EVERY person to be fully themselves, to be fully healed from their past, and to fully achieve their God-given potential and purpose.

What is your biggest challenge?

It was interesting to think about this question.  It’s NOT Covid-19!!   In my work, our staff have lots of vision to increase our impact.  As a non-profit organization, my biggest challenge is that we need to find the funds to make our vision possible!

What is your Biggest Dream?

I have been the Director of Options since its inception and I still love what I do and am thankful for the impact we are making.  My biggest dream is that many more centres will start so that everyone who faces these kinds of crises will have access to help & support!

You can find more information on Options- George by following this link

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