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Whenever I think of the concept of mindful living, I picture a beautiful Buddhist temple. It just comes to mind and I’m in the state of meditation with the chanting in the background – how serene ! When I started my health and healing practice I went deeper into the art of meditation. Some days I don’t have the time to meditate from balancing many different roles in the day and I feel I search for that place of peace. Having our place of peace and connection, our own space where we can engage with ourselves, connect and ground gives us the soul energy to move forward. So, what is mindful living? What does mindful living mean to you?

Being mindful means the ability to stay present in the moment without allowing the mind to get side-tracked. Being aware of the moment, conscious and just experiencing that moment with all your senses.

Here’s to being mindful

Meditation: Meditation is to be in silence with oneself. Breathe, focus on your breath, it’s the key to your existence. Feel the oxygen move in and out of your lungs and breathe out deeply. Let the negativity go. Inhale love and exhale negativity.  Focus the mind, let go of distractions and just be in the moment.

Awareness: Be aware of this very moment of your life, it’s the present, it is a gift, be aware of that rose that is blooming , the surroundings, the feel of the wind on your face and the sun. Just be aware with your senses.

Be grateful: How often do we want more? All the time! However, sometimes we just need to be grateful for all that we have. I’m sure if we write a gratitude list we would have an abundance. Just by beginning the day being grateful gives us a positive boost to the day.

Let go of control: Yes, I am also sometimes guilty of this one. How often do we want to control things in our life?  When we practice the art of surrender with grace and gratitude we ALLOW for flow, we allow life to flow peacefully in rhythm. We don’t stress ourselves over controlling what we can’t.

Being mindful means loving the present moment for all that it is. Life is a gift, let’s treasure it with love, acceptance and mindfulness.

All my love,

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