Hindsight and Experience are powerful tools

Life is not a destination; it is a journey!  This is the motto of Louisa Von Moltke, member of the Centurion branch of the SA Council for Business Women and a well-known Centurion resident.  Louisa grew up in Centurion and has stayed in the area for almost her entire life – and this is also where she uses her business and her energy to improve the lives of people.

She always wanted to be a teacher and to mentor people.  In her role as business owner of Agua é Vida she gets to live her dream as she has the opportunity to educate sports people health professionals and others on the importance of hydration for a healthy body.

“I am passionate about people’s health and as a hydration coach I get to share my knowledge and experience with people and thus improving their lives”, says Louisa.

Business and Family

When asked about her business, Louisa explains “I love my business because it provides several jobs but also brings hope and healing to so many people.  Hearing the testimony of how a person’s health has improved shows me that the business I am in is more than just a source of income.  It is also an opportunity for potential entrepreneurs to bring this essential service to their own communities”. She is very passionate about her business and can share many stories of how the water they sell has changed people’s health profiles and responses to treatment.

Louisa is married to Karel Von Moltke and mother of Rozanne Bekker and Jeanine de Bruyn.  She is very proud of her daughters and describes them as strong women who live life with a purpose.  When you meet this tiny woman, it is difficult to imagine her as a grandmother, but she has 10 grandchildren from their composite family. Her heart is open to others with advice and support as Louisa is also actively supporting the Grannies Who Care non-profit organisation.

Hobbies and Dreams

Louisa’s hobbies are reading, walking, and developing new product lines. Her other interest is  the mentoring of young women.  Her favourite quote and motto, that life is a journey not a destiny, is how she starts each day and what she wants to teach people.  Being a driven person, Louisa admits that her biggest challenges is to find a balance between work and family and if she could make one change to her life it would be to have more time for making memories.

Her biggest dream is to see an Agua é Vida shop in every town in South Africa.  Not only will this be creating several new hobs, but also bring health to more parts of the country.  “I would also like to mentor young entrepreneurs on their journey to business success. The wisdom of hindsight and life experience are powerful tools to guide others,” she says.

Looking at Louisa, who is a very small but very successful business woman, we know that it is the not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog that makes the difference!  And this woman and her water will definitely make a difference in many lives in time to come!

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