SACBW Featured Member Elistia Evertson

Fairness, equality and justice

“I want to build an empire that focusses on the upliftment and empowerment of young women”.  This is the dream of Elistia Evertson, a proud member of SACBW in Kimberley.  “I want to do this through education, internships, employment, training boot camps and other channels.  The focus must be on self- awareness, self-care, mental wellness, health and team building” she explains.

She is not yet sure whether she will accomplish this through her current legal profession or perhaps a new business venture in the future. For Elistia the inequality that is still present in the work place and specifically in the legal profession, is an unacceptable state and something she aims to change.

Elistia was born in the small town of Montagu, in the Western Cape, and always wanted to be a lawyer.

Her beliefs in fairness, equality and justice pointed her in this direction and she went on to study LLB.  She fell in love as a student and followed her heart to Kimberley in 2011 to be with her life partner.  She initially struggled to find a place to complete her Articles and had to go to Bloemfontein to get this done. Elistia returned to Kimberly in 2013 where she still resides.  The couple has a son who is six years old.

“ I love my business because I’m passionate about the law. It also allows me to live my dream of helping the community by being a voice for those who don’t understand or know their legal rights,” says Elistia.  Like many other young women, she faced many difficulties growing up but says that every obstacle helped her to grow stronger and more resilient. “I am proud of how far I have come.”

One of her biggest challenges is to navigate through the barriers that impedes women in the legal profession, and she wants to change the strong patriarchal mind that is often the root of inequality and a lack of women’s rights. She also feels that communities should be assisted through sustainability training programmes to be less dependent on the Government.

A balanced approach helps her to also find time for her hobbies, which include reading, cooking, arts and crafts.  “I love doing outdoor activities and miss the mountains where we did a lot of hiking”, Elistia explained.   As an avid reader there are many quotes that inspire her. One of her favourites  are these words from the late Justice Ruth Ginsburg of the United States Supreme Court: “There is a sense that time is precious, and you should enjoy and thrive in what you are doing to the hilt”.

And this is why she believes in being in the moment, enjoying herself and working hard to thrive as a lawyer in Kimberley!


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