Michaela Oberholzer featured member of the SACBW Successful women in business.


Don’t leave a vacancy – leave a legacy!

Michaela Oberholzer, member of the Centurion branch, has been a member of the SA Council for Business Women for a long time and has been a successful business owner for the past 20 years. When OB-Motion was established it was aimed at addressing a serious need in the market for affordable quality service to all clients, irrespective of business size.

Michaela grew up in  Vanderbijlpark and lived in New Castle for a year before moving to Centurion in 2004.  She was raised in a German household because her parents, of German descent, emigrated to South Africa in 1973.


Filing clerk to accountant


Growing up she had no idea what she wanted to do with her life.  “ I did not even have maths or accounting in high school. I started working as a filing clerk for Lawyers and somehow ended up in the finance department” says Michaela.  This is where her passion for accounting was born.

She started to study part time and worked in various industries, until she became the financial director for a group of companies.  At this point she decided to venture out on her own.  Michaela says she loves her business because she has a passion for people.  “Especially small businesses are often overlooked.  Through my own business, I am in a position to guide businesses and help them grow and make an impact on their own, says Michaela Oberholzer.

Michaela married Armand in 2006 and is the proud mother of three boys, aged 8, 7 and 3.  Her hobbies are reading and Bible journaling.  “Prioritising time for myself has become very important to me. We can better serve our loved ones and neighbours if we have a balance,” says Michaela.


Kind and caring heart


Michaela has a heart of gold and is involved with many NPO’s, one of which is Grannies Who Care.  The Organisation goes out to Kalafong Hospital to support women who just had their babies them with basic needs.  They also provide care packs to women who lost their babies.  This is close to her heart as she lost her first baby during the pregnancy.

Her other passion is the Phyllis Robertson Home for the Disabled, an organisation that provides a home for mentally disabled individuals where they can operate in a safe and loving environment.  Having a  mentally disabled family member, brought this organisation close to her heart.


Vacancy or legacy


Michaela’s favourite quote is “Don’t leave a vacancy, leave a legacy”. “This was again proven last year. My Dad passed away last year during the full lock down. He left a legacy.  My Dad was not a famous person or left a legacy of material things.  He was a down to earth person who impacted people lives by who he was and how he treated them”, she explains. She shares his passion for people and hope to one day have her boys follow in the same footsteps.  Raising her boys to be extraordinary gentlemen, innovators and out of the box thinkers is definitely part of her dream.

Michaela Oberholzer is happy and content with her life and believe that everything that have happened in her life – the good and the bad – have helped to share her into the person she is today! She sees a challenge in changing people’s attitude about finances and the Receiver of Revenue.

“We all have to face challenges, but it is important that we do not lose hope and ensure that we have a support network for when we face these challenges., says Michaela.  She wants to expand her business and increase the impact in the community.  “I want to live a full life, with no regrets” says the tall and beautiful Michaela.


With this approach she lives the mission “We don’t just deliver a service; we deliver peace of mind”. Michaela can be reached at michaela@obmotion.co.za or www.obmotion.co.za.

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