Rebuilding your employees’ skillsRebuilding your employees’ skills

Your employees are the most valuable asset of the business and you need to look after them as they are in many cases the primary contact with your clients. Businesses across the globe are trying to recover from the havoc brought on by the pandemic. It is an ongoing process in which Human Resources features as a key department. The HR department has the power to restore a company to become a growing business once again, through transforming and rebuilding their employees.

HR impacts how employees perceive their employer and the most effective way to rebuild employees is by enhancing their skills, ultimately helping them to grow. When your employees grow, your business grows.

Five ways to rebuild your business by investing in your employee’s skills development:

1.     Investigate and plan your training properly to be inclusive.

Ensure that you understand the training needs of each department. Start with the highest impacting roles, but also include everyone throughout your business when you provide training. All employees fulfil a vital role in the ‘well-oiled-machine’ of your company. There is room for improvement in every department and all employees require skills development on a regular basis.

2.     Provide a memorable interactive training experience that accommodates diversity.

After assessing your staffs’ training needs, think about who they would listen or relate to. The Mindspa Institute believes that offering versatile facilitators training will not only be entertaining and interactive, but will also bring training in various African languages. This way people can follow the training and people will relate to people the associate with. If courses are presented in an unenergized and passive way, your employees will lose interest and you would have wasted precious company resources earmarked for training.

3.     Get feedback and adjust continuously. Stay involved in the training process.

Get feedback reports from the training partner, facilitators, and the employees. Keep adjusting and customising training to meet the employees’ needs. Make sure training is done throughout the year on a regular basis so that employees will see that their employer is committed to their skills development and growth. The Mindspa Institute offers to customise training material to suit the needs of any organisation and department. After each training session, feedback reports are completed by delegates and a full report is submitted as part of the training evaluation.

4.     Be flexible, promote remote work but give support.

You can still run a professional business while working remotely. Most employees who now work remotely have different challenges to address. Make sure you give them the necessary support from the company. Be more flexible in terms of working hours and meetings, but also give them the training and support while they work from home. Some might not know the correct etiquette for online meetings. Team leaders might not be familiar with how to manage their teams remotely. Sales teams might find it difficult to suddenly have to sell remotely. There are a lot of challenges that can be overcome with proper support and training. The Mindspa suggest that you consider various courses in a blended approach, tailor-made to fulfil the needs or your company.

5.     Mentor and Coach – take an individual interest.

Your employees need to know you are there for them and you care. You need to guide them throughout the new normal. Do regular check-ins and give constructive feedback in a positive way. Adopt an open-door-policy and make sure to listen to what their needs are to streamline your training plan. Look out for signs of burnout and stress. Take care of your staffs’ emotional wellbeing and teach them how to cope.

After the terrorist attack and tragedy of the Twin Towers, Barack Obama said: “We remember, we rebuild, we come back stronger.” We all should see this pandemic as an opportunity to rebuild our businesses and ourselves to come back even stronger than before. The only way businesses can survive and grow is by constantly adapting and building on their employees’ knowledge.

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