Lynn Hill SACBW Patron 2021


“We all have the power to decide how anything affects us. “It takes the same amount of soil to dig a grave than it does to plant a garden.  When I could have been buried, I chose to be planted”, says Lynn Hill, Patron of the South African Council for Business Women (SACBW) for 2021.

The Speaker

Lynn is a Global Inspirational Speaker, Influencer, Award-winning Author of an Amazon International Bestseller & Multi- Award-Winning Professional. She was also a victim of a hideously brutal rape and near death experience at age 15 & became victim of a second rape at the age of 51. This Iron Maiden has endured several personal and professional challenges and is an embodiment of the philosophy that we are indeed Masters of our Destiny and not Victims of our History!

The Academic

Ms. Hill holds two post graduate qualifications, in Education and Clinical Psychology.  She is also an internationally accredited Assessor (City and Guilds of London) and a licensed Thomas International Analyst. Lynn is currently researching her PhD Thesis topic, which combines the disciplines of Quantum Physics, Neuropsychology and Spiritual Psychology.

She was recently nominated for an Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarianism (Global International Alliance) and has four other pending nominations. Lynn has made numerous appearances on national television & currently appears on the Cover of the November issue of: I AM WARRIOR, an online female, empowerment Magazine.

The Activist

Lynn Hill’s other Professional Roles include: Process & Training Facilitator, Master Mentor, Inspirational Columnist as well as Leadership Coach and Transformation Practitioner. Lynn has reached more than 15 million people across various Media platforms over the past 4 years. “Ministry of a Muse” – her current project is a fusion of her poetry with various music genres which aims to increase her inspirational reach still further. Her Audio Book launches at the start of 16 Days of Activism.

Lynn is described as “a gifted speaker who captures her audience right from the very first word and commands attention with such professional ease. She is what people need to hear, as she is authentic, real, honest & filled with Grace”. Lynn is said to “transform into a powerhouse when she speaks, not only shifting people but shifting the energy in the room”. Her most outstanding quality as a Coach is said to be “her ability to decipher and simplify the most complex issues, her depth of spiritual wisdom and her ability to cause internal shifting almost immediately”. 

The SACBW is therefore very blessed and happy to announce that Lynn Hill is the Patron of this organization for the year 2021.  We look forward to the impact she will have on the SA Council for Business Women. The duties of a patron include the following: to assist the Council to proactively influence Government Policy with regards to matters affecting women; to assist and guide the Council to achieve our objectives, especially one of our primary sustainable Development Goals: Gender Based Violence; to assist the Council with the Training, Development, Coaching & Mentoring of our leaders; to promote and introduce our Organization to Business Women and other Female Empowerment Organizations for collaboration and benefit to all & to inform the Council of opportunities for Business Women which will add value to our Organization and its members.

Lynn, welcome to our Sisterhood!  We know that you will add immense value to the SACBW and we look forward as to how the full expression of your Divine Purpose: to uplift, inspire and empower will filter into the Leadership of SACBW & the rest of our Organization. Congratulations on a most worthy appointment!

Do not miss the opportunity to meet Lynn Hill, the newly appointed Patron of the SACBW, who also will be receiving an Internationally accredited WOW (Women of Wonder)
“I can conquer” Awards on the 28 November 2020 in Sandton.

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