How to overcome your fear of public speaking

How to own your influence and vocal signature as a public speaker

Stage fright (including fear of public speaking) is not overcome by positive thinking but by practice. However, if we practice our speaking skills by emulating our speaker icons, we will deliver a second-hand version. Especially of what we intended to deposit in the hearts of our audience. In my training business, I most often engage on the topic of career development, confidence, and fear-driven performance. It also never ceases to amaze me how common the root of perfectionism is. Mostly when the fear of public speaking is discussed.

“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it” Salvador Dali.

These words are enough to calm my fears simply because they are true. He was certainly an artist whose work became a timeless monument to surrealism. Dali strove to seek meaning and reflect on society by pushing his artistic hunger beyond realism.

When I take up some of your time and occupy some space in your mind by speaking to you about a theme, I can only hope to achieve my goal of depositing influence in your heart by transcending realism. A speaker who, through the talk, surprises their audience with free tickets to a theme park, becomes the driver who transports them beyond realism to a space where the audience is thinking and creating as well.

My goal as a developer of human potential, is to create your true influence beyond the confines of realism. Together we can ignite a surrealistic creativity in your life and empower you to own your influence with deeper impact than before.

Here are the three tools that I have tested to overcome my own fears and establish my unique vocal signature:

Speech Notes:

Technology regularly develops and releases new applications to make our lives easier. Late at night, when fresh ideas pop into my head and my eyes won’t tolerate a laptop screen, I grab my phone, open my Speech Notes app and record my voice in the dark before my idea filters down to my sub-conscious mind.

Tall Trees Leadership Profile (TTLP):

My unique profile as a leader. Yes, not a speaker profile, a leader profile. My Tall Trees Leadership Profile is my unique signature which grounds and empowers me with 3-dimensional insight into my personal influence skills. I know and understand my limits, strengths, and red flag areas when I am on stage.

This has boosted my confidence, allowing me to speak without applying popular styles or tricks at the expense of my own authentic power. “Everywhere I go, there I am” says Joyce Meyer. Thus, the way I lead is also reflected in the way I speak! The life-changing power my message should have is watered down unless I am fully aware, authentically owning my influence in the moment, in the mind of my audience.


The day I realised that hand gestures are the nr 1 communicator even before my voice and facial expressions register in the mind of my audience, it freed me up!

Here is a link to 4 helpful resources for further exploration:


Karien Jordaan

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