Now, more than at any other time in living memory, employees need vocal, galvanizing leadership with innovative thinking. This is not a time for stealthy, bureaucratic PR or corporate-speak, but rather a time for inspiration, transparency, and courage. As an expert on change communication, Michael can help you craft and deliver your new story.

As a professional speaker at over 2 700 events, in the time before the coronavirus, Michael Jackson crafted and delivered a selection of thought-provoking, relevant and bespoke business change presentations, across some 46 countries.

Following a prior strategy and communications career, he turned to exclusively focus on assisting businesses to more effectively communicate their stories through engagement with their employees, channel partners, suppliers, and customers.

He now believes strategic engagement is the oil that lubricates all marketplaces and has become significantly more important than the traditional marketing, public relations, and communications methodologies of yesteryear.

Michael will assist you in developing and positioning your own story to communicate your strategy in a manner that inspires and attracts through innovative thinking.

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