Do you REALLY know who works for you?

by Aug 5, 2019Articles, Management

The 21st century is an Era of knowing the truth and having accurate and reliable facts about anybody you employ, and or do business with. Ensuring the success of your business in an ever growing competitive markets, no matter what the discipline or industry may be. This promotes honesty and increased efficiency in the workplace.

Studies has shown that 20% of Employees are honest by nature, 10% are dishonest, and the remaining 70% will sway the way you allow them to….!


Screening allows Human Resource Managers access to a lot of personal background information that might not have been available during the normal interview process.

Important information like dishonesty and disciplinary records at previous employers, drug history, criminal activity and various other details that would play a significant role in making educated employment choices.


  1. Conduct a background check on employees:

Small companies seldom bother with a background check on new employees, potentially inviting hackers, predators and even convicted felons into the organization.

  1. Run a credit report:

With a signed release, check new employees credit reports for any fiscal irresponsibility – especially if they’ll be working in any kind of financial role. During an economic crisis, it’s OK to have some financial stresses, but you wouldn’t want your comptroller to be filing for bankruptcy.

  1. Do a social media audit

Once the employee is being considered for hire, review their social networks for any items damaging to reputation, especially any past animosity against their former employer.


Via Facial Profiling:

Your personality is reflected in your face; an insight beyond facial expressions. If only we could have some inside information about new people we meet, new clients that walk into the door. What their priorities are and how they spend their money? Well now you can! We can teach your Sales Team how to read people within a few minutes and know exactly what they want, and how they want to be treated. Help them to make an educated decision and get the sale…..

Why use Psychometric testing before appointing the right Candidate?

Psychometric tests can be used to measure a range of skills such as numerical, verbal, abstract, logical reasoning and personality traits. The results generated provide an accurate summary of a potential employee’s skills and abilities.

There is no right or wrong answers as the test are used to assess the skills of the individual whilst revealing any hidden traits. Tests can uncover if some candidates are over qualified for the role meaning that they could became de-motivated and negative. The recruitment process should be seen as an investment and tests help to demonstrate how your investment would thrive in the workplace.

We all think we’re great at judging character, but did you know that the likelihood of a hiring manager making a poor decision is 50%? Or that only 14% of unstructured job interviews actually predict top talent? Or that 99% of candidates are hired based on first impressions?

Who you’re looking for is likely to be different from what other company’s value. Modern psychometrics let you focus in on the specific skills, abilities and characteristics that you need. Create your own profile – and tailor your assessment to fit this.

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