President’s Pen – Re-Branding YOU!

We as women tend to put others first and in the process usually lose ourselves. When we add running a business, again “YOU” move further back in the line.  You can never lead or care for others well if you lost who you are.


In his book ‘’ The leader who had no title ’’, Robin Sharma shares the following:

You can’t be ridiculously great in your work if you do not feel ridiculously great on the inside. You can’t energize others if you lack energy.  Working on yourself is job number one and it is not selfish!


Health is wealth

Those who do not make time for exercise will have to make time for illness.

Your health will never be better than your self-image.

Inspiration Matters

Connect to your well and its source of inspiration whether nature, music or anything else!

If you play out full every day without refilling then your reservoir runs depleted and you burn out.

Spend time with your family

If you feel cared for and loved then you perform better.

Elevate your lifestyle

There is nothing wrong with having nice things, as long as they don’t control you. Life is too short to drink bad wine! Go through life first class!


This month take up the challenge to get back to the ‘’REAL YOU’’ again.


Take time to:

  • Reset yourself
  • Log into your flight plan
  • Renew, Regenerate, Reground
  • Work on your mind
  • Strengthen your body through exercise and nutrition
  • Nourish your emotional life
  • Fuel your spiritual dimension
  • Forgive
  • Let go of resentment and baggage
  • Choose to be happy


Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive that is what the world needs.

Know who you are and be true to that! Trust yourself and be consistent!


You were born AWESOME, don’t forget that!

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