Hester du Bruyn

Hester du Bruyn

In 1996, after resigning from a very successful career at Sasol, Hester purchased her first business. This was the start of not only an entrepreneur, but business mentor and life coach. Her ability to identify business opportunities laid the foundation for her as a new business developer for a reputable financial advisor, after which she returned to her first love; business.

Hester was one of the founder members of the SACBW Secunda branch in 1997. She has personally experienced the value that the SACBW offers. Her experience as Vice President of the SACBW in 2013 combined with her passion to make a significant difference in the lives of business women and youth fuelled her success as President of the SACBW.

Hester’s vision as president of the SA Council for Business Women was to lead the organisation from “Good to great” by implementing the strategic plan laid down in 2013, which includes sustainability, partnerships, enlarging the footprint, unlocking the potential of business women and being the voice for women on all platforms.

As President of the SACBW in 2014 she had the following successes:

  • Consolidating the branch bank accounts under National
  • Signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the AHI
  • Founding of the iDUC project that supports “No violence against women and children”
  • Appointed MEC Pinky Phosa as Patron of the SACBW for 2014

She sees a bright future for this country when we can assist our youth to never give up on their dreams… Too many women, both in South Africa and globally, continue to face barriers to financial independence. When women lack economic power, communities suffer,”


Position: HLM (Treasurer)

E-mail: treasurer@sacbw.org

Cell: 0823329438