Elise Coetser

Elise Coetser

Elise is a seasoned business woman, advisor to the SMME sector and a prolific change agent in the business world as well as society. She has a deep-seated passion for business and believes that people should ultimately be connected to business in order to emancipate themselves from poverty and strife. This intrinsic drive towards fulfilment comes from her own experiences and struggles toward success and abundance and her ability to overcome her own personal challenges.

As a woman, she pioneered her way through unchartered territory in the organised business environment and came out with flying colours. This entrenched her understanding of grassroots business, making her invaluable in this space. Elise is a natural charismatic leader with the ability to lead from the front in an unwavering manner. This instils confidence in the team that she leads and manages to extract the best out of people.

Her decisive decision making power makes her an effective and valuable team player, always with an eye on deliverables and tangible outcomes. Her centre of influence boasts a network of accomplished leaders and innovators across diverse business cultures.

Elise’s dream and vision is to play a significant role in the transformation of business in South Africa and to be a catalyst in shifting the mind-sets of the business community in an overarching manner. She believes that when we have managed to remove the divisions that currently exist in business, we will turn this country into a thriving powerhouse, not only in Africa, but also the rest of the world.

Her sense for ethics is immovable and this makes her an invaluable associate and partner. Her focused and strategic approach in business, as in life, allow for only one outcome:

“It is not an IF but a WHEN”.


Position: HLM

E-mail: elise@businessunite.co.za

Cell: 0824582478