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Herewith request, instruct and authorise the SA Council for Business Woman to debit my account at the below-mentioned bank (or any other to which I may transfer my account) with R90 per month to be paid in advance, or as per any automatic increase adjustments. Deductions will take place on the 3rd or 28th of every month.

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All such withdrawals by you from my account are treated as if signed by me personally. I understand that the account that is authorised herewith will be processed by a computer by means of a system known as the ACB-magnetic tape service. I hereby agree that all administration, bank and other costs resulting from returned debit orders will be for my own account. This authorisation may be cancelled by me with a written sixty (60) day notice that is send via email to, however, understand also that I am not entitled to refunds of amount that you withdraw while the authorisation was in force if amounts were equally owing to you. The receipt of this instruction by you is regarded as received by my bank. I declare that the preceding information is true and request membership of the SA COUNCIL FOR BUSINESS WOMEN. I undertake to keep to the rules of the SA COUNCIL FOR BUSINESS WOMEN and alterations thereof.

Terms and Conditions

• Membership contract runs from date of registration and shall subsequently automatically be
renewed annually in January of each year.
• Membership will not be processed with incomplete membership/payment forms
• The individual membership costs are as follows: R 960 per year or R 90-00 per month (R1080) via
debit order
• Your Business details provided might be shared within the SACBW network and its branches.

• The member must give 1 (one) calendar month’s written notice for termination of membership contract (60 days for debit orders) by completing the cancellation form and sending it to
• If you cancel any day within a month, the next month/two will be your notice months.
• Cancellations will not be processed unless the cancellation form has been received and membership is up to date. Failure to do so, you will be added to the suspension list.
• Should a member terminate her membership, the member will not be entitled to any refunds.

• Annual payments will be made by the member to the National bank account as soon as possible after invoice has been received.
• Membership via annual payment will be invoices pro rata till December of that year.
• Membership via debit order will be deducted in advance for a month on one of two dates 28th/3rd
• If a member’s debit order has returned unpaid, the debit order in the following month will be submitted for double the amount, including the R10 administrative costs. This means that the amount will be R190 in the next month.
• If the member choose so, they can make a manual payment for the R100 into national bank account and then the next debit order will be as usual or the debit order will be resubmitted in the middle of a month.
• If a member joins after the debit orders has been submitted, they can arrange for a manual payment for that month.
• If a debit order has returned unpaid for 3 consecutive times or 3 times in 12 months, this member will need to pay annual fees for the next 12 months, including the outstanding fees and administrative costs.
• If debit orders has been stopped by a member or banking details changed without informing the council, then the member will be invoiced a R50 administration fee.

4. The National Executive Committee reserves the right to increase membership fees and change terms and conditions. Members will receive at least 60 days’ notice of any changes.

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