1985- ‘Sakevroueklub’ established

1986- Rika Venter and ‘Sakevroueklub’ in various newspapers and magazines

1987- First ‘Sakevroue’ newspaper

1988- First official gathering of ‘Sakevroueklub’ and ‘Nasionale Raad vir Sakevroue’ (NRS) established

1989-First NRS congress and Marike de Klerk appointed as ‘beskermvrou’ of the NRS

1990- First ‘sektorale’ congress and NRS attends AHI congress

1991- Second president: Annique Theron

1992- +- Five business women’s clubs have been established and third president: Kotie Botha

1993- Fourth president: Erna Pretorius

1994- Fifth president: Retha Nel (now Rossouw)

1995- Presdient Retha Nel (Rossouw); Agreement of cooperation between the NRS and Ladies’ wing of the Indian Merchant’s chamber.

1996- Sixth President Theresa van der Merwe

1997-9 Seventh president: Winda Visser (now Austin-Louve)

2000- Eighth President: Rita Aucamp

2001-2003- Ninth President Hermine Wilken (now Lourens)

2004-5- Tenth President Janine Myburgh

2006-7- Eleventh President: Diana Becker

2008-9- Twelth President: Elise Coetzer; Re-introduction of the ‘Business Woman of the Year” Competition; Website developed and implemented

2010- Thirteenth President: Thelma Mathamelo

2011- Fourteenth President: Melinda Stark; Partnership with “The Job Club” as the cause of the SACBW established; 1st Business Expo combined with Annual Congress

2012- President: Melinda Stark; refreshing of SACBW logo and redesign of interactive website; Constitution revised and updated

2013- President: Melinda Stark; Official MOU with “The Job Club” signed; re-registration as NPO

2014- Fifteenth President: Hester de Bruyn

2015-6- Sisteenth President: Cerita Nagy

2017-Seventeenth President: Diana Jansen

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