The South African Council for Businesswomen (SACBW) is an inclusive, dynamic, vibrant and powerful agent of change in the South African business environment. Membership is open to women entrepreneurs, corporate women and professional women. The Council offers development for all levels of businesswomen where they can learn, grow and be challenged to excel in a supportive and uplifting environment. At the SACBW we promote the business interests of our members in particular and the economy of South Africa in general.

AHI logoThe SACBW is the only women’s organisation affiliated to the AHi chamber of commerce, enabling us to participate at the highest level of influence in South African commerce.

Founded 1985

The SACBW was founded by Rika Venter in 1985. First known as the “SA Raad vir Sakevroue,” the name was later changed to the “SA Council for Business Women” to represent our inclusive approach for the 21st Century. From its founding days till now, the SACBW has represented women in business and created a platform for development, growth and opportunities for members. Through the years, various Presidents have continued in Rika Venter’s footsteps in leading this incredible organisation to leave a legacy.

Branch structures

The SACBW has branches located in several centres across South Africa. Each branch, supported by an organising committee, serves its members within their own business communities. Using a model of networking meetings, workshops and guest speakers, the SACBW assists its members with building business relationships, providing mentoring and opening doors to opportunities and empowerment. Branch members also work together on mentorship and fundraising initiatives to give back to their communities.

Annual Awards Event

Unity under the national umbrella of the SACBW is the objective of the annual SACBW Summit, a prestigious event that includes insightful
seminars, inspiring guest speakers and a glittering gala dinner to celebrate our successes. This is the occasion for acknowledgement
and reward, where the winners of the annual SACBW Business Woman of the Year awards are announced.

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